About us

A place to remember

In an idyllic town known as Bilene, is a piece of paradise called Praia do Cossa Resort Hotel. Surrounded by majestic views, pearl white sand beaches and serene clear blue lake waters

Praia do Cossa offers exclusive and luxurious self-catering accommodations inspired by Mozambique’s rich cultural heritage of the tropical bright atmosphere. The attraction of the extensive stretch of the lake is an ideal haven to relax and to engage in the various activities offered.


Our Hotel

A Paradise lifestyle
5-Star Accommodation
Snow white sandy beaches
Safe, shallow lake swimming
Access to ocean through wide deep mouth
Easy and safe launch into salt water lake


Take note of the speed limits as they reduce down to 60km/h when passing through villages. Traffic officials use radar as a means of trapping. If traffic officials stop you, be courteous and polite. If you are in the wrong, pay the fine but insist on a receipt. Please be aware that only police in white uniforms are allowed to stop and fine you for traffic violations. Please do not drive after dark as there are a lot of unroadworthy vehicles on the road without lights or reflectors. Pedestrians can also be a problem as most villages are alongside the road.

Fueling Up

Fill your vehicle at the border (Komatipoort) or in Swaziland at Siteki. Petrol is cheaper in South Africa and Swaziland. Both unleaded petrol and diesel are available in Maputo, Macia and Bilene.

We can recommend the following stops for toilet facilities, ex Durban – Mkuze, Nisela Lodge, Goba Swaziland border post (R 2.00 fee for paper), BP before toll at Matola/Maputo, Engen garage in Manihca and a fee of 5 meticais charged. Ex Jhb Sasol at Komatipoort, then as for ex Durban.

Border Control

What you will need when entering Mozambique from South Africa.

You will need to purchase 3rd Party Insurance before your trip, this can be done online using the below link https://www.hollsure.co.za/Insurance . Get the quote and then pay online the documents need to be printed, and always kept with the vehicle. Please make sure you include any trailers should you be towing boats, trailers, or caravans.

At the Border you will need to pay TIP. Currently this amount is MZN 750.00 which equates to +/- ZAR 200.00. Make sure you receive the receipt for this and check that the TIP document is stamped and to be always kept with the vehicle. This document is handed back to the Border on your exit.

If traveling through Eswatini there is an additional Road Tax payable at the border of +/- ZAR 100.

Please follow the guidelines of the National Health Department of South Africa and Mozambique for your entry and exit requirements regarding any health requirements. If you would like more information, please email us on info@praiadocossa.co.za.

Aside from the above you will need to make sure you have the below paperwork/documents:

Where the vehicle is owned by the driver, the driver must present an original or certified copy of the vehicle registration document at the border posts
Where the vehicle is not owned by the driver and is still being financed by the bank, the driver will require an authorisation letter from the financial institution/bank authorising the driver to take the vehicle out of the country. This letter must indicate the country and dates of travel. Certified copy of vehicle registration document must also be produced.
Where the vehicle is not owned by the driver but by a company or another person, the driver will require an affidavit from SAPS giving authorisation from the financial institution/owner to take the vehicle across the border posts. Attach a certified copy of the registered owners Identification document and the vehicle registration document
- A letter of Authorisation from the S.A vehicle insurance authorising the driver to take the vehicle out of the country, this letter must indicate the country and dates of travels. NOTE that your SA insurance does not replace the requirement for you to also obtain Mozambican 3rd Party Insurance
Check that your vehicle licence, trailer licence and drivers licence have not expired and will not expire while you are on holiday in Mozambique
Passport (minimum 6 months validity remaining)
South African citizens no longer require visas, with the duration of stay being limited to 30 days. For other nationalities, please contact the Mozambique Consulate on 031 562 1119 for further details. Pay attention to the duration of your stay.
Vehicle registration papers – if the vehicle is not registered in your name then obtain a notarised and stamped letter of authorization from the owner of the vehicle allowing you to drive and to take the vehicle cross border to Mozambique.
Financing of vehicle – If your vehicle is still being financed, get a letter from your bank allowing your vehicle to cross the border
Insurance – Get a letter from your insurance company showing that your vehicle is comprehensively insured for the cross border country that you are entering
Valid driver’s license – must be carried at all times while driving.
Two Warning triangles (does need to be displayed, in case of emergency)
A temporary import permit is to be filled in at the border with all declared items itemised on it including serial numbers and value. This permit is to remain with the vehicle at all times.
All South African vehicles must display a ZA sticker, as well as a yellow triangle on a blue background when towing a trailer (can be purchased at any AA Auto shop).
Reflective yellow vest must be carried in your vehicle to be worn in the case of an emergency.
Each vehicle to be equipped with a small fire extinguisher.

Border Hours

Due to the current Health Crisis and Curfew for each country, the current operating hours are subject to change. Please check directly with the Border Controls for updated times and regulations.

Current Operating hours as of November 2021:

Golela (Lavumisa) : 07h00 – 22h00 daily

Namaacha (Lomahasha) : 07h00 – 22h00

Komatipoort/Lebombo : 06h00 – 11h00

Kosi Bay : 08h00 – 17h00